Use This Menu List to Make up your own Menu to suit your taste and pocket (or use for adding or replacing items in our standard buffets) All our platters are beautifully garnished and have dips, sauces and relishes as required.



The traditional backbone of a buffet is now refreshingly available with new extensive fillings and styles of breads.


Closed -             Available on White farmhouse, Wholemeal and Granary              Assorted Tray

Sandwiches        Cheese,(plain, tomato, onion &pickle,) Roast Ham , Roast           of sandwiches        

                             Turkey, Roast Lamb, Tuna Mayonnaise, Prawn Marie Rose,        @ £1.65 per

 Salmon & Cream Cheese, Egg Mayonnaise, BLT                                 head

 Chicken Coronation, Pastrami , Salami & Emmetal

 Plus various other fillings.


Open Sandwiches – Delicately topped sandwiches

                                   On Barms or French Bread                                    Assorted Tray

                                     Choice of toppings from above                            @ 95p each p/h                                                                    


Large Baps   Fillings from above                                                         Assorted Tray                                                                                                                                              

                                                                                                              @ £1.75 each p/h


Filled Baguettes(Whole, Half or Thirds)  Fillings as above                    Assorted Tray                                                                 

                                                                                                              @ £2.00 each p/h


Wraps  -  (Can be cut up to four portions)                                               Assorted Tray

                                                                                                              @ £2.00 each p/h                                    


Ciabbata – Fillings from above                                                                Assorted Tray

                                                                                                              @ £2.00 each p/h


Mediterranean. - Fillings from above                                                       Assorted Tray

                                                                                                              @ £1.50 each p/h                                                                                          

Bagels  - Coronation Chicken                                                                         2.50

                Salmon & Cream Cheese                                                                2.50


Mini Chicken Kiev Balls (2 per portion)                                                 1.00      

Chicken Goujon (x2) & Sweet & Sour Sauce                                        1.10                                     Wings of Fire (x2)                                                                                               1.00 

Chicken Yakatoori                                                                                         1.20

Hot & Spicy Chicken Dippers(x2)                                                                1.10

Chicken Satay          (x2)                                                                               1.20

Chicken Kebabs                                                                                             1.00

Traditional Drumsicks –Plain                                                                     0 .80

                                      Tandoori                                                                  0 .85

Chicken Samosa(x2)                                                                                     1.20



Individual Buffet Items

£See Individual Prices

































Plaice Goujons With tartare sauce (x2)                                                           1.40                                                                         Seafood Dim Sums With sweet chilli sauce                                                   1.95                                                                                          

Smoked Salmon Appertisers                                                                     0.75

Dressed Salmon                                                                              price on Request

Salmon,  Shrimp & Vegetable Skewer                                                          1.60

Thai Fish Cakes(x2)                                                                                               

With sweet chilli sauce                                                                                       1.20

Butterfly battered king prawns(x2)                                                      1.20
In tempura batter                                                                                                                                                               


Smoked Salmon Canapes(x2)                                                                  1.25

Assorted Canapes(x3)                                                                                1.95                                                                           

Seafood Dim Sums                                                                                     1.95

Mixed Chinese Dim Sums                                                                         1.75

Petite Crolines (x2 )Savoury filled pastries                                              1.30   

Cocktail Vol-au-Vents                                                                                 0.60

Medium Vol-au-vents                                                                                  1.00

Large Vol-au-vents                                                                                      3.25

Picks on Sticks- Cheese & Pineapple(x2)                                               0.50

                           Pigs in Blankets(x2)                                                          0.70

Cocktail Sausage Rolls(3 per portion)                                                      0.80                                                                           


Country Quiche                                                                                            15.00

Mini Quiche                                                                                                     0.45

Petite Crolines(x2)                                                                                         1.30 

Cheese & Onion Lattice Fingers                                                                 0 80.

Large Gourmet Pie Range -  Pork & Stilton   Up to 30 Portions                       35.00

                                              Chicken & Ham Up to 30 Portions              35.00

                                              Turkey & Ham   Up to 30 Portions               35.00

Savoury Pie Range                Pork Log Gala with Egg Up to 30 Portions     25.00

                                              Pork Log Garla (No Egg) Up to 30 portions     25.00

Pizza Portions- Various Toppings                                                               0.95

Mini Pasties                                                                                                    0.75

Dinky Pork Pie with Branston Pickle                                                           0.80

Cocktail Sausage Rolls (3 per portion)                                                       0.75

Standard Sausage Rolls                                                                               0.75


Onion Bhaji              Cocktail (2 per portion)                                               1.20

Potato Bhaji             Cocktail (2 per portion)                                               1.20


 Samosa                    Vegetable Samosa    Cocktail (2 per portion)      1.20

                                  Chicken (2 per portion)                                       1.25

                                     Lamb (1 per portion)                                                 1.30                                                                                                                         

Vegetable Pakoras  (2 per portion)                                                      1.20         

Vegetable Spring Roll                                                                                 0.75p

Duck Spring Roll                                                                                  0.75p

Aloo Tikka (2 per portion)                                                                     1.40

Goats Cheese & Broccoli Parcels                                                        0.95p

Mango & Brie parcels                                                                                        95p






PATE RANGE (Up to 30 portions)                                                                                

Chicken & Liver                                                                                            18.50

Duck & Port                                                                                                  18.50

Ardennes                                                                                                      18.50

Brussels                                                                                                         8.50

Tampura Vegetables with Lemon mango Dip                                                    P.O.A

Fresh Vegetables with Humus                                                                               P.O.A

Savoury Eggs                                                                                                           0.45


Mixed Tapas (x4)                                                                                                     2.50


Cold Meat Platters                                                                                       P.O.A

Choice of Honey Roast Ham, Roast Beef, Roast Turkey,

Continental Meats    Prices from £1.50 per head


Assorted Breads from 50p