Relaxing with your close family and friends in the warm sunshine. A Glass of your favourite tipple in your hand and being teased mercilessly by the delicious aromas that waft from the barbecue Or ‘Chilling out good style’ As technically referred to today!!

What is it that makes a meal cooked outdoors over burning coals so appetizing? Maybe it’s the fresh air or the tantalizing aroma or the sound of the food sizzling over the coals. Whatever it is, more and more people are enjoying them.

Every Country and culture has specialties that are cooked over an open fire. To include all these recipes from far-flung cuisine’s in our Standard Menus would make them endless but we do endeavour to meet your individual requirements wherever possible. We to are forever learning and enjoying the new types of international cuisine’s that this style of catering brings with each new season.

Barbecuing is for Chilling out, good style and Brynley’s Catering – The Barbecue Experts to help do it!

Informal eating

Barbecuing is popular the world over simply because it handles top-quality foods in the best possible way. Sealing in all their natural juices and goodness, it cooks them just to the point each person prefers, plain or spiced as he or she wishes.

Barbecuing is popular too because it’s informal. One can’t be formal and stand on ceremony when eating a grilled chop in one’s fingers. Barbecuing is fun and relaxing.

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